SONY DSCWelcome to the home page of Sangio Pipe South Africa.

Sangio Pipe is a manufacturer and supplier of High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene extruded pipe.

Our products enjoy widespread acceptance in Civil Engineering, Agricultural, Mining and Domestic applications.

Our greatest endorsement is our 10 year old sole supplier status to South Africa’s biggest domestic plumbing wholesaler.


Sangio pipe are able to provide the co-extruded colour identification stripes in their product. These are two stripes set 45° apart along the entire length of the pipe and colour coded to indicate pipe type.

This highly identifiable marking is a clear statement of total confidence in our product and is also of direct benefit to contractors. Selection of pipes for loading in a yard, or inspection of pipe in situ before trenches are closed, are made considerably easier by means of this colour identification.



The Production Process:

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